After the incident-prone trip to Bangalore, the rest of the time turned out to be awesome!
Hephzibah had planned out a lot of stuff well. Sunday morning saw us in church. and after that we were stuffing up hot chocolate doughnuts, mint coffee and more down our throats before we came back home.
The kids then went crazy in the balcony till we were all breathless – I must have lost 20 years playing with them and becoming a kid myself!
Lunch was an elaborate affair and the afternoon saw us resting. The evening and night was a time of catching up and yak-yakking as we traded all kinds of stories before we crashed out for the night.
Monday saw us at the mall – the colorful displays and loud discounts unfortunately did not tempt us to buy anything!! We ended up taking a computerized charcoal sketch of ourselves which was beautiful!
Becky and I had a long walk in the evening through the beautiful Ferns Paradise where Hephzibah and Clement stayed and suddenly it was time to leave again!
We had lamb chops for dinner and at 11.30 PM boarded the KPN bus and took the uneventful trip back to Trichy – back to work!!
It was another blessed weekend and we had fun, fellowship, rest, long chats and plenty of kid-time! Thank you God for blessing our lives with such beautiful people and beautiful times!

Author: Benji

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