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Looking to download Christian MP3s? Here's the largest collection of legal Christian Music MP3s on the net. I'll scour and search the net to find out where there are legal Christian MP3s available and put them up here. They may be publicity releases, album preview releases or full song samplers.
Use the form below to submit an MP3 link or report a dead/wrong link.
The MP3s are not saved in my site. They are at the artist/label or other site that has a legal license to allow downloading these MP3s.
What better way to get Christian Music than legally!

I must inform you that I link to artists I know are good Christian bands. If I dunno a band, I don't link to them. There are a million more MP3s out there. I'll put some links on the sidebar so you can check them out too!

38th Parallel: Horizon

According to John: God Thing

Apologetix: Lots of MP3s at their site (Join their fan club and get more MP3s)

BarlowGirl:  Clothes - Pedestal

Bethany Dillon: Beautiful - Revolutionaries

Big Face Grace: The Way

Brian Doerksen:  Remembering Mercy

Building429: Glory Defined

By the Tree: Hold You High - It is Well

Caedmon's Call: Before there was time - Lead of Love

Charmaine: Close to You - Escape - I Love You Lord

Crystal Lewis: I still believe

Daniel's Window: Round and Round

DC Talk: Always Leaning

Delirious: God In Heaven - Grace Like a River - Pride in the Name of Love

EarthSuit: 123

East West: Vacant

Parachute Band: Almighty - High Above

Paul Coleman Trio: Turn

Pillar: FireProof - Open Your Eyes

Ray Boltz: The Gift

Superchic(k):  Super Trooper

Supertones: Caught Inside - Wake me up on time - We shall overcome

Steven Curtis Chapman: God is God

Ten Shekel Shirt: Ocean

Third Day: You are so good to me -


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