Remember the time you used those colored crayons to scrawl all over the walls and thought it looked pretty till your mom blew her top!! Well you still ain't too old to do that. 

Here's the official a2j graffiti wall - scrawl wall!!

Go ahead and let your imagination loose. Click here to add your mark to this wall!!

Smile, Jesus Loves You (sent by ERIN)If God is for us - Who can be against us! (Thanx Kosie!)Thank God I'm ForgivenWITH CHRIST IN THE VESSEL WE CAN SMILE AT THE STORMWalk off the EDGE

Jesus= An Obsession, an addiction, My LIFE (Thanx Adri)Jesus - Lord over all!!Why worry when you can prayCristo Vive!!!!! God Never Gives you more than you can Handle!    Jesus Shines In My LifeIt's a GOD thingjesus foreverJesus Christ is Savior and Lord!Jesus Christ is the oRiGiNaL S*U*P*E*R M*A*N No Jesus No WayJesus - I Trust YOU!!!JESUS roxs mi soxs!!!!!!!! ~GOD~ didn't call us to be SUCCESSFUL;  just F*A*I*T*H*F*U*L

   Grace on tap!

God is real no matter how you feelYeshua is...        Livin' for Jesus ain't a part time job!JeSuS iSH dA bOmBesT!!!I'm savedBUSY -Being Under Satan's YokeI rather have Jesus than Silver or Gold!!!!Keep working for the LordLife without Jesus - HOPELESS END; Life with Jesus - ENDLESS HOPE I Love Jesus!
god is good all the time     jesus rawked my worldJesus is the LIGHT! Devils Just Don't Win!BE BOLD,BE STRONG.WALK IN FAITH&VICTORY,FOR OUR GOD IS WITH anyone can count the seeds in an apple,...but only God can

Find a quiet place

            JESUS ROCKS!!                    Jesus Lives!!!!              have you danced with jesus lately?What Would Jesus Do!Jesus is Sinless!


r u ready 2 get addicted2jesus?!!

Fully Rely On God!Pray Until Something Happens

Forgiven!God Lovesno jesus no peace! know jesus know peace!!addicted2jesus



jesus freak!  pray!

God is in CONTROL!!Jesus is the rock and He rolls my blues away,.....jesus saves    wal-mart isn't the only saving place

god is cooool



i'm saved delivered and healed...



     benjamin loves JESUS!

Just give me Jesus!        





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