Any Road, Any Cost

‘Cause they knew who had called them
And they said, “We will go”

Down any road
At any cost
Wherever you lead we will follow
Because we know that you’ve called us 
To take up our cross 
Down any road at any cost!

(From “Any Road, Any Cost” by Point of Grace)

Point of Grace makes a very bold statement with this song…. a song where they pledge absolute commitment to Christ. The above words echo a decision to follow Christ whatever it may take. (Sounds!)

The world often calls following Christ a sacrifice. They say it means taking a road that is devoid of such wonderful pleasures pleasures that this world has to offer. If only they knew what joy going down this road held! If only they saw what lay at the end of this road!! If only they realized that it actually ‘costs’ nothing!!!

‘Any Road, Any Cost’ calls for a 100% commitment – nothing less. Unfortunately many Christians are scared to go all out for Christ. Let me tell you one thing – if you have one eye on worldly pleasures and try to focus the other eye on Christ… you’re not anywhere in life!!

Are you willing to take that leap of faith and say ‘Yes, Lord! Yes!!’ with a whole heart and plunge yourself headlong  into this exciting journey down any road at any cost??! Trust me.. you’ll love every moment of it!

Now don’t just stare at the screen sitting on the fence if you think you’re anything but 100% For Christ! Recommit your life to Christ right here, right now and join me on this amazing journey DOWN ANY ROAD, ANY COST!!

God Bless Ya!!