Are you C2K OK?

It wasn’t even a year ago! D’you remember the amount of ruckus created by the Y2K bug?!

Everybody was talking about it! And the whole world was gearing up to what they thought would be the ultimate catastrophe in history. It was in the news, on TV, on the road, over the telephone, on the net…! AND WE ALL WANTED TO BE PREPARED FOR IT! The whole world put in so much talent, money, time, effort, planning, thought into making sure they were Y2K OK.
December 31st 1999 2359 hrs was the most nerve wrenching moment for many a soul on earth! And after all that……. the moment passed by with a whimper instead of the roar that was expected leaving a tiny scratch on the slate of time where an ugly crack was expected. SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE!

As you look back you may just let out a sigh of relief and say, ‘Phew! I’m glad I’m y2k ok!”.

But hold on! You may 100% y2k ok…. but are you C2K OK ???!!! Well, if you’re wondering what C2K is.. it’s my abbreviation for Christ’s 2nd Koming!! (Sorry fur te badd speling – i wus nevver goot at itt!!!) If only the world deviated a fraction of the time and energy into ensuring that each person was C2K compliant rather than trying to make sure that each machine was Y2K compliant! The results will be marvelous!

Remember… C2K will not be a show; and it’s not about machines! It’s about YOU and ME gearing up for that golden moment in history etched out on the slate of time by God the Almighty!
It could either be the most glorious moment of your life or the most catastrophic. It’s left to you. AND THERE’S NO SECOND CHANCE.
You can’t recover your hard disk or replace it! You can’t buy software that will make you C2K OK! You can’t say, “It won’t affect me”. And you definitely can’t just sit there and stare at the screen hoping it won’t happen!

Are you ready for it? Or are you resigned to a life in hell with eternal fire??!!


A R E Y O U C 2 K O K? ?!!