It happens every night. Tired, I lie down and stare at the ceiling., the fan swirling above.... and the cobwebs. Those delicate strands of black silky muck dangling from the corners, floating with the breeze. Those ugly daddy-long-legs scurrying in-between 'em. They're there all the time.....till one day a storm of inspiration hit me, and I cleaned 'em all up!!! Now my open-eyed nocturnal musings lacked those black wispsbut....!!.... it felt good.
But not for long!!

Slowly....they crept back. Little by little....inch by inch.... and before long those dainty little spiders were partying to the tune of music pumped out of my 80 watt rickety stereo system every night!!

Uh...oh. The cycle continued - a burst of inspired cleaning, no cobwebs.... and slowly back to square one!!

Shift scenes.... look beyond.... and change the equation

My Room = My Life
Cobwebs = Sin
Spiders = Little Devils

Get the picture? I see myself trying to scrub my life clean, stamping out those little spider and grinning with joy.... but soon....they creep back - my weaknesses, temptations, desires.... cobwebs cloud my life. There's something missing in that equation. Yup!!I need something that will clean up my life real good... a good solution, some cool equipment ....and an expert who'll do the cleaning job!! Here's the completed equation

The cleaning solution = The Blood of Jesus
The equipment = The Cross, the Word and Prayer
The cleaning expert= Jesus Christ

There! Now you've got a permanent solution! Just open your life's door and invite Him. He'll step in and change your life forever. It's gonna be spick and span. No more spiders, no more cobwebs, no more stains!! Ain't that how you want it to be!!???

Got Cobwebs in your life??
Go complete that equation today

Spiders produce silk, secreted as a liquid through the spinnerets and hardens on air contact. Different types and textures of silk may be used to construct snares or webs, egg sacs, draglines and ballooning threads. Some spiders use web snares to trap prey and all construct a silk sac to deposit eggs. Many spiders attach draglines of silk to the substrate at intervals wherever they go, appearing to have a silk thread to hang onto when knocked from their perch. Some spiderlings sail through the air (ballooning) on wind currents. Young spiders climb to a high point and release silk strands until the drag from the wind is sufficient to support their weight. Then, they release their hold and sail away, often for considerable distances. These ballooning threads (gossamer) can fill the air on clear days as spiderlings disperse to new areas.