Mouse Trouble

Some time ago, my mouse started ‘malfunctioning’. It took me a while to figure out what was happening and set it right… and it taught me an interesting lesson in life!

It was getting tougher to use the mouse. I moved it right and the pointer painstakingly jumped a few millimeters. I moved up. The mouseball vibrated and screamed as it moved. The wheels squeaked merrily. I opened it up and gave it a good clean. No response. My heart sank. I weighed the various options left now – buy a new one, get an optical mouse or just use the touchpad on my laptop. The first two would burn a hole in my pocket and the third would leave me with a sore wrist. Didn’t sound good at all!

Desperately I tried again – painstakingly I removed each grit of dirt stuck to the ball, wheels and rollers and rubbed off the dust. 
With bated breath i put it back together and tried… voila! no squeaks, no rough movements! I congratulated myself and got on with life.

Four days later I was back to square one. The squeaks had returned and the mouse went ‘grrrrr’ on the mousepad. I opened the mouse and realized the problem – the dirt has reaccumulated! I then got got the root of the problem. It was the mousepad. On it’s surface was months of accumulated dirt and dust – not visible when you looked at it from a distance. The mouse-ball rolling along the pad just picked up the dirt and shared it with the wheels and rollers! And the problem simply reappeared.
I dusted the mousepad. I now clean my mouse regularly. The problem is now manageable.

That’s how it is in real life. You find that it’s starting to squeak and get a little rough. You’re losing direction – you cant get where you want to. You introspect yourself and change a few things… but it ain’t working. 
You need to spend some serious time on your knees with God and let Him clean out the nooks and corners and crevices in your life if you want it to be smooth again. And as long as you are on this planet, the dirt will reaccumulate.
! You’re in the world, but not of it. Now that’s enough to get a little dirt into your life. You need to get it cleaned regularly. I suggest that you leave the cleaning to the expert – CHRIST! Spend time introspecting your life with Christ and let Him clean up the muck regularly. Your life will be much smoother and you’ll be headed in the right direction – smooth as silk!