My eyes riveted on a 15′ screen,  my index finger busily tapping  a mouse.. I spend hours surfing through cyberworld…and I wonder… if searching  the Bible online, looking at cool Christian graphics and cartoons, poring through Christian discussions and listening to a Christian cyber-radio station can ever replace a personal relationship with Christ. Here’s how psalm 23 may read to a cydercity resident (like me?)
Today’s Net reading is taken from
1. The internet is my Shepherd and I shall not want.
2. It maketh me to surf in green pastures; It leadeth me besides still websites
3. It restoreth my connection; it guides me in paths of web directories for java’s sake
4. Even though I go through the search engine of altavista, I fear no result; for my ISP is with me; CGI scripts and animated gifs they comfort me
5. It prepareth a chatroom before me in the presence of mine enemies; it anointeth my homepage with more hits; my inbox overfloweth
6. Surely guestbooks and messageboards will follow me all the days of my life;and I will dwell in the cyber-cafes of the city forever! Here ends the session.
Logging you out of internet explorer as Windows prepares to shut down.
If you feel that your personal relation with the internet is replacing your personal relation with Jesus, switch off that computer NOW and get it straight with Jesus!