Social Smile

- The social smile is the first milestone a child reaches
-He reaches this milestone within 6 weeks of birth
-All other milestones follow in quick succession after the social smile is achieved
-A delay in the appearance of the social smile especially beyond 3 months is an ominous sign and indicates an underlying neurological problem

Ask a Pediatrician about the social smile and he will readily rattle off the facts written in the corner!
When a baby is born, he is a parasite! All he does is feed, sleep and demand that he be dried when he is wet. He cries for attention. There is no acknowledgement, no thankyous and no smile.
Then suddenly one day he wakes up. Realization dawns on him. He turns to his mother..... and smiles.
Suddenly everyone's excited. Everyone wants to look.
The social smile, as we call it, is the most exciting thing in early infancy. The change is dramatic.

A delayed social smile is ominous sign and usually shows some underlying brain or developmental problem.

In a way our Christian life is like that. When we first know God we are totally dependant on Him - almost parasite-like. We run to Him for everything. He try to get everything out of Him. And we rarely acknowledge.
One of the first positive signs in a normal Christian is an acknowledgement of Christ....the spiritual smile, as I like to call it.
The spiritual smile is in many ways very similar to the social smile. It is one of the earliest milestones a Christian reaches. After this everything else follows. A delay is usually pathognomic of some underlying spiritual insult - backsliding, callousness, carelessness.

So introspect!
Check yourself out!!
Have you achieved your Spiritual smile as yet?
Contact The Physician Immediately!!


Based on what Savita, my colleague, shared in Church one Sunday