Undo (ctrl + Z)

Anyone who has worked with most computer software – from MS Word to Corel Draw – will know the value of the ‘undo’ function. Oops!! – mistyped/wrong picture/bad color/doesn’t look good… no problem! With the click of a mouse you’re back to where you begun – no trace of any errors! Simple eh!
You can make a million mistakes and nobody will ever know it. You can be careless. You can try out a zillion experiments and settle for one of them. Smooth!
Many a time I’ve found myself wishing life had an ‘undo’ button. I would use it to my heart’s content. I could live dangerously. I could indulge myself in forbidden pleasures. I could experiment with life. I could waste all my time and the…. click…. it would all be erased without a trace
Ouch! Lemme get back to reality – 


Sad but true. You’ve gotta face it.
That careless word you spoke in anger; the day you missed dinner; your experiment with cocaine; the week you never prayed; that moment of weakness when you gave in. What’s happened has happened and you can’t undo it!
A lot of these unfortunately have permanent implications.
There is a way out though. The two ways here are based on one book – the Bible!
1. Ever heard of the good ol’ saying – Prevention is better than cure? Yep! It’s Biblical!!
Self control is one of the fruits of the spirit. The Bible instructs you to ‘flee from sexual immorality’ and to ‘resist the devil’ and to ‘tame the tongue’. It clearly says that ‘everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial’. Remember – once you’ve done it….. you can’t undo it!

2. Jesus is the way! Only He can sort out your life so beautifully you will never need an undo button. Only He can give you the self-control you need, tame your tongue, help you resist the devil and choose what is beneficial. Why don’t you give Him a try!!

The next time you’re in a tricky situation remember –
Life does not have an undo button. But if your life has Jesus …. you don’t need one!!