On Hold

This article is inspired by some recent attempts to contact customer support services for my telephone, bank account etc. There is a series of of "Press 1 for...., press 2 for.... that goes on and on" before you can speak to a real human voice!?!

God picks up His phone and dials "0091-MEET-BENJI". After the 10th ring a voice comes online.
"Hi, you have reached Benji. Dial 1 if you are a friend, Dial 2 if you are a patient, Dial 3 if you are a colleague. Dial 4 if you are someone else. Dial 5 if you dunno who you are"
"Hi friend thanx for taking the time for calling me. It's great to have a friend like you. If the intention of your call is to fix a time to meet up with me press 1. If you wanna just chat press 2. If you need my help to sort out a problem press 3. If you need an update about my life press 4. If you can't figure out why you called press 5. If you cant figure out WHO you called please hang up"
"Great so you wanna talk to me. If you wanna chat about life in general press 1. If you wanna chat about girls press 2. If your intention is to talk about spiritual stuff press 3. If you wanna talk about tech, science and web stuff press 4. For all others press 5."
"Sweet! So we have something in common. If you have a promise press 1. If you have an encouraging word or verse press 2. If you have a command to obey hmm..press 3. If you wanna invite me to a prayer meeting, retreat, concert press 4 (ensure that you have extra tickets for me!). If you need some help from me press 5. If you want to preach to me... er..ok.. press 6. To simply speak to me right away press 9"
"Thanx for wanting to speak to Benji directly. Your call is important! All lines are presently busy and Benji is on another line right now. Please wait for a few moments and he will be with you shortly"
Back in bed I hit the Snooze button on my alarm clock for the 10th time and then wake up with a start as I sleepily peer into the watch. Jumping out of bed I quickly brush my teeth, step into the shower and grab my clothes and then my stethoscope and ID card. Quickly check my mail.... a hurried breakfast.... patients.... procedures..... emergencies.... paperwork.... lunch....academic sessions.... a presentation....plenty of coffee.... more rounds....discussions..... tea, friends and jokes..... a consultation.... some reading up.... a nap in the library.... cold dinner.... late night rounds....1 AM ... goto sleep with my shoes on..
..Life goes on.... and on.. some busy days... some easy ones... time flies by!
One day I'm holding my hall ticket in my hand. Exams. I glance at the dates. 1 more week! I see the piles of heavy books, notes and journals.
OK guess I need help.
I rummage through dusty shelves looking for God's toll-free prayer 24 hour prayerline. After a long search I realise I have it in my wallet all the time.
I pick up the phone...
.. am about to dial the number...
..even before I start punching in the numbers...
..a loving voice says..
"Hi Benji. I've been waiting to talk with you son!"
Do you identify yourslef a little with the imaginative story I've written above?
I feel guilty even as I write this article! All the excuses I give for my shortened, missed, forgotten or diluted quiet times with God are so feeble and actually funny. I read somewhere that prayer is not a monologue but a dialogue. Sometimes we simply use communication with God like a telegram when we need immediate help, a shopping list or as a last option when all else fails. Prayer should be our first response... not our last resort! It involves speaking to God AND listening to Him.
It's like a 24 hour toll free line! God is lovingly waiting to hear your voice! He wants to speak with you. You just need to pick up the phone. Carry it with you wherever you go. Use it to the max!
You can do it anywhere - in the wards, in the library, quietly in your room.
You can do it anytime - it's always great to start off the day with a nice wholesome chat with God!
You dont need great eloquence or too many word - God understands your unspoken needs, your desires and simple words!