A comedy of errors!

Just one of them days ……
I had a nervous breakfast and took an auto to get to the exam hall.
Just a few minutes out of CMC I realised that I had left my Hall Ticket in my room. I turned the auto around and after a dash up to my room was blazing down to bagayam. Just reached on time and was the last one to stroll inside. I sat in my usual place and was greeted by an empty table with no number. A quick search and I was directed to another row – the seating arrangements had changed.
I pulled out the info sheet to fill in my data and realised I’d left my hall ticket in my bag. I went out and took it!
Normally these sort of events can unnerve you just be4 an exam. Somehoe peace that passeth all understanding just reigned over me.
The exam started and God was even more gracious! The MCQs were much better today and as if that wasnt enough, the theory questions were very basic – almost undergraduate level! Infact I had taught some medical students the very same things that came as questions today – HIE, cephalhematoma, TTN, IDM. Amazingly there were no questions from Social Pediatrics – the section that I was least prepared for!
I felt extremely relieved today!
Guess who’s in control!!!

Author: Benji

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