June 2021 – A Personally Signed Sneak Preview

Isn’t it amazing that in June 2021, the second wave will probably stabilise and come down.

Isn’t it amusing that a man will be everywhere, taking credit for showing the world how to control corona.

Isn’t it humbling to see a photo, a punchline, a slogan and an e-printed signature on the  certificate that you will need to show everywhere in order to travel, get admission and move on in life.

Isn’t it paradoxical that the certificate that will have the handwritten signatures of the people who worked the hardest in the pandemic is only needed to enter a graveyard, cemetery or a crematorium.
Or is on a paper summary that chronicles how your life was saved – a paper that is now buried in a corner of a dusty cupboard.

Isn’t it unbelievable that we will forget again. We will make the same mistakes again. If a thousand fall dead on our right side and ten thousand on our left we will still crowd unvaccinated and maskless to fight over religion, politics and personal opinion and will reject compassion, rational thinking and science.
Yet, we will forget…. again.
Just like we have forgotten that the first wave was horrendously managed at all levels, but we claimed victory because that was true patriotism as per the standards set by a forwarded tweet that was ‘viral’ified by the fans.

Take heart.
The One who made you knows every selfless thing you did in the face of the pandemic. And He will sign a note saying “Well Done” when your time comes. He has your name imprinted in the palm of His hands. Stay strong and plod on.
“I don’t wanna fight alone anymore,” you say.
“You were never meant to fight on your own”.

Author: Benji

3 thoughts on “June 2021 – A Personally Signed Sneak Preview

  1. Hi Jeyanth

    Beautifully written….. straight from your heart …. Yes we are never meant to fight any horrendous happenings in our life ALONE…,, we have to look up and ask Him and surrender everything to God with full faith …

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