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“Beneath all these layers…. from below the mask, visor, cap and hazmat….. I wonder….. If I could ever offer you HOPE”Performed by the MBBS  Batch of 1994, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India.We join with our families and look to the ONE who offers HOPE during and beyond this pandemic.

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Game On! A World Of Parallels.

Maybe this is a parallel world. Maybe it’s imaginary. Maybe it’s reality that slowly blurs into imagination. It was the world’s largest cricket stadium. The crowds screamed and cheered. KV ran full throttle towards the ball. His signature shades and beard gleamed under the lights. Just when the crowd felt that the ball was too far away from him, his athletic body did a superman dive and twisted mid-air. The ball plonked into his outstretched hands. He watched it pop out before his fingers could curl around it. He grabbed again as he fell to the grass, but it was too late. His body hit the ground and he grimaced – more due to the dropped catch than the pain….

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June 2021 – A Personally Signed Sneak Preview

Isn’t it amazing that in June 2021, the second wave will probably stabilise and come down. Isn’t it amusing that a man will be everywhere, taking credit for showing the world how to control corona. Isn’t it humbling to see a photo, a punchline, a slogan and an e-printed signature on the  certificate that you will need to show everywhere in order to travel, get admission and move on in life. Isn’t it paradoxical that the certificate that will have the handwritten signatures of the people who worked the hardest in the pandemic is only needed to enter a graveyard, cemetery or a crematorium.Or is on a paper summary that chronicles how your life was saved – a paper that…

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Weekend Project

Hand picked corn soaked in ‘act’ual flavouring, delivered ‘prime’ly by local people delicately sauteed ‘prestige’ously with a drizzle of locally sourced chat masala popped straight out of a round thing with an extra searing to darken to perfection.

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Imagine we lived in a world where empathy, science and rational thinking were considered better than politics, divisive hatred and selfishness. Imagine a world where we’d say, “It’s inconvenient and annoying for me, but I’ll still do it because it will help protect you”.

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The evolution of medical therapy – a look over the decades

1980s: In my experience of 20 years and after discussion with my colleagues over a cuppa coffee, this is the best treatment option for you. 1990s: As per evidence based medicine and a Cochrane meta analysis, this is the best treatment option for you. 2000s: As per Insurance company approvals and policies, and your current level of coverage, this is the best treatment option for you. 2010s: As per a high court ruling in a similar case where the hospital was burnt down by relatives, this is the best treatment option for you. 2020s: As per news reporters and a talk show headed by Arwami Gonab and Proy Ranoy this is the best treatment option for you. 2030s: As per…

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A little bit ‘late’

FACT“When called in for an emergency, she always takes a few minutes more than him to arrive in the ICU” YOUR INTERPRETATION “Yes. She asks a lot of questions on the phone and probably spends more time getting ready before she comes in” REALITY HIM12 midnight:“Sir, we have a deteriorating patient in the ICU and need you to come in”“Which patient is this”“Rakesh – the patient with viral myocarditis”He jumps out of bed in his tshirt and trackpants and puts on his crocs. 12:02 AM“I’m on the way”He pats down his hair as he skips down the stairs and jumps into the car. As he drives onto the road, he honks at the bikers and pedestrians to get them to…

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PACoVaSM Study

Title of Research:  Role of photographs posted on social media on efficacy of covid vaccines Acronym if any: PACoVaSM study (Photographs as Adjuvants in COvid VAccine in Social Media) Study Design: Volunteers interested in the study will fill a form 24 hours before they get vaccinated and will be recruited if they fulfill inclusion criteria after consent. Those without any social media accounts will be allocated to Group X separately as they are likely to have correct information about the vaccine and may question the rationale behind this study. Others will be randomised into 2 arms (pun intended). Masking is compulsory but blinding is not possible due to the visual nature of the study.  Group 1 will not have their…

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My Five Favorite Versions Of Christmas Hallelujah

The original ‘Hallelujah’ by Cohen was musically brilliant and has a deep, but somewhat confusing story behind it. A rather lesser known band called Cloverton rewrote the lyrics to make it a Christmas story and thus was born Christmas Hallelujah. It’s one of my favourite Christmas songs – the mix of amazing music, song writing and lyrics results in a musical story that gives goosebumps. Here are my five favorite versions of the song. I’m starting with my most favorite version. 1. Kaylee Rodgers and the Killard House School choirIt’s hard to believe that a shy little girl with autism and ADHD could deliver the best version of this song along with a choir of special children from the Killard…

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How To Save A Life – By A Neonatology Intensive Care Unit Physician

I am a Neonatologist. I am a doctor who works with newborn babies. Most of my work is inside an Intensive Care Unit with fragile prems, sick babies struggling to breathe and monitors beeping all around me. As usual, today I saved a lot of lives I return home, unmask, shower and plonk down onto my sofa with my overjoyed daughter. With a twisted smile on my face, I think about all the lives I’ve saved today. My deft fingers, practised hands, quick thinking brain and tireless feet have once again given a second life to many…. and all that within those 12 hours that started as I skipped down 5 flights of stairs from my home and ended when…

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