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Not Enough Publications!

In an academic institution, a large part of progressing through a career is having enough publications to get to the next rung. It’s a battle I was aware of when I joined, but have not been motivated enough to fight … Continue reading

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Nobody loves me like you do

Once a year the departments of OG, Neonatology and RMU get together to sing a special song at the hospital chapel for the Sunday evening service. Today was the chosen day and I must say it turned out to be … Continue reading

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My job update

Time certainly flies and I can’t believe that in 2020 I’ll be due for my job confirmation as I would have completed 3 years since doing my DM (Neonatology). This will ensure a permanent career in Neonatology  I’ll have to … Continue reading

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A memorable 10 day visit to Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh. My biggest achievement was coming back with my name unchanged. Or maybe not A sprinkling of NICU, deliveries, NRP, community visits, training, opd. I felt I received more … Continue reading

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Nice birthday – parents and parents-in-law at home, buffet dinner yesterday, special cake, plenty of phonecalls, FB messages, orkut scraps, SMS… and then… lone pediatrician at the hospital, 50 patients in OPD, 5 kids with seizures, a twin delivery, acting … Continue reading

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– Parents watch eight month month old child play with a toy phone from a distance.– Child slams the phone and breaks it.– Parents recover most of it including a battery.– The night is uneventful.– In the morning they discovered … Continue reading

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Class Captain

Just like the dozens of times before Harini came smiling and bubbly to OPD. This time however she was in her school uniform as she had come straight to the OPD after an exam. She made a little fuss as … Continue reading

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‘Making’ news – Swine Flu

As you know Swine Flu has been making headlines all over the world. The news channels and newspapers are going overboard as they try to use the little they know to increase their TRPs and come out on top.Today we … Continue reading

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Helpful child!

A very enthusiastic and helpful child I saw in my clinic the other day – wanted to help me examine himself! So there he is – grabbing my stethoscope and placing it in the right places!Left me wondering – do … Continue reading

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Message in a Tshirt

These local Tshirt companies don;t have any idea what they are printing! Most of the time the children I see in OPD have some gibberish written on their Tshirt – half of it unreadable or making no sense at all … Continue reading

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