Nobody loves me like you do

Once a year the departments of OG, Neonatology and RMU get together to sing a special song at the hospital chapel for the Sunday evening service. Today was the chosen day and I must say it turned out to be quite a good time. We started the ball rolling quite late (Thursday afternoon). After hurriedly choosing Chris Tomlins “Nobody loves me like you”, we had the priceless task of coordinating practice. Try getting a group of doctors ranging from interns to Heads of Departments in the same room at the same time to practice the same song….it actually happened! As usual we discovered talent and enthusiasm and dedication. On Friday we threw in a cajon and recorder and some variations and we were good to go for Sunday. As expected more people landed than expected and after an eventful final practice which also had some Pepsi, Fanta and sandwiches thrown it, the final chapel service lacked nothing. The song was good, the introduction to the song was awesome and the message by Dr. Edwin was a blessing. It was a blessed one hour and we were all thankful.

And all this was right in the midst of a busy weekend on call. Seriously God…… Nobody Loves Me Like You!!

That’s a non-professional phone audio recording. Can you feel the love and the enthusiasm?

Author: Benji

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