MIGHTY – Leading Worship in Church

As we were struggling to find a worship leader for today, I decided on Saturday to finally volunteer even though I was a little unwell with a sore throat and cough. After committing myself for the task, I told God ‘I promise you God that this illness will not get in the way of me leading worship’. God replied, ‘That’s not your job Benji. Its my job to promise you that your sore throat and cough will not get in the way of worship at Church this Sunday’. Our MIGHTY God kept that promise and we could dwell on the mightiness of God through this time of worship. There is no-one like our God. He is so big, so strong and so mighty. There’s nothing He can’t do. Our God is greater than anything that can bring you down. He is mighty to save – with compassion. In response we sing our praises to the Almighty King of creation.
Song List
1. Who is like the Lord
2. My God is so big
3. Great and Mighty
4. Our God
5. Mighty to Save
6. Praise to the Lord

“MIGHTY” Worship session at Peniel Tabernacle

Footnote: Working out the logistics of the worship session was interesting. Besides the issue with my viral respiratory illness, I started with just one person on vocals and ended with 4 vocalists and a cajon. Definitely a Mighty God!

Author: Benji

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