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Nobody loves me like you do

Once a year the departments of OG, Neonatology and RMU get together to sing a special song at the hospital chapel for the Sunday evening service. Today was the chosen day and I must say it turned out to be … Continue reading

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MIGHTY – Leading Worship in Church

As we were struggling to find a worship leader for today, I decided on Saturday to finally volunteer even though I was a little unwell with a sore throat and cough. After committing myself for the task, I told God … Continue reading

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Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done

Today was a positive, interesting time leading worship at Church. The Gang With summer vacation, it was difficult to find people to help. D offered to help – she had just started helping with the worship team a week ago. … Continue reading

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The One who holds the stars

Today I had the joy of leading worship in Church. I was led to use a theme which hinged on a song by Skillet called ‘Stars’. This may not be a standard choice for most worship sessions, but I loved … Continue reading

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Boldly I approach – worship at Peniel Tabernacle

It was touch and go – exams at VIT and incessant rains meant worship at church today could end up being minimalist. After a few text messages, the team was assembled. Dan hopped onto a bus at Bagayam and made … Continue reading

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I’m not even sure if it is spelt Mathew or Matthew, but he is the guy who made Grahams trip to India possible. He’s just a regular guy in a shirt and jeans. I met him for twenty minutes during … Continue reading

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A weekend with Graham Kendrick

Its always nice to meet someone who has influenced your choice of music. And when I knew Graham Kendrick was coming to Vellore, I knew it would be an awesome weekend.“Shine, Jesus, Shine” was one of the first songs I … Continue reading

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August Music Round Up

End of the month and these are the songs that left their mark in my ear and my heart. Top five songs:1. Praise like Fireworks: Rend Collective2. Desert Soul: Rend Collective3. Boldly I Approach: Rend Collective4. Alive: Hillsong5. Dhanya Tera … Continue reading

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Discovering Rend Collective

Today, as we drove to church, a store, a lunch get-together at Bagayam and then back home, the predominant music playing in the car was by Rend Collective.Stumbling on to the band was semi-accidental.When we were in Chennai last year, … Continue reading

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My Ten Favorite Christmas Carols

Christmas has dawned and I now have time to think about the songs I enjoyed the most this season!I’ve been hearing them everywhere – in the shopping malls, on the radio, on TV and even over my iphone. So Here’s … Continue reading

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