Here’s My Heart Lord – Worship on 21st July

I led worship this Sunday at Church. I just loved how all the songs fell in place. I had listened to the theme song “Here’s My Heart” by I Am They more than a year ago and loved it. I somehow knew it would make it to a worship set one day and this was the chosen Sunday! With the theme revolving around HEART, ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart’ was a natural opener. The fun part came when I took Anaya to the park with lots of swings and slides and hoops, etc and watched her run all around happy. The Sunday School song ‘Happy All the Time’ kept playing in my head and as I sat down to piece together songs for the worship session, literally forced itself into the plans! It felt God-led and even though I considered dropping it, it stuck on and was a blessing when we sang it in Church! The mix of Change My Heart and Refiners Fire fell in place as I sat on the bed strumming the guitar pondering on the theme. Surprisingly Becky asked if I would use these songs at worship time when she came to now the theme. Lovely Lord came out of poring through a song book and the Hymn ‘Take My Life’ again was a natural addition to the song list.

Once again, for the key song (Here’s my Heart) I looked through the lyrics to match the words to scripture references and it was an amazing experience for me and for the Church – here’s a link to the video with the lyrics and Bible Verses.

“The word ‘Heart’ occurs a thousand times in the Bible. It symbolises the individual,   and often refers to ones desires, knowledge, emotions and more. Giving our heart to God is surrendering our life to God completely. When we open the eyes of our heart and see that God is loving, compassionate and truthful, we experience the power of cleansing and the joy of freedom – the kind of joy that makes a child run helter skelter in a playground! God is lovely and all powerful. In Him there is no evil. He is trustworthy. It is safe to give our heart to Him. He will speak the truth and protect our hearts and our lives from the lies and hatred the world spews out. He will purify it through the refiners fire and make us holy and pure. Don’t you want to give your heart to Jesus?”
Song List
1. Open the Eyes of My Heart
2. Happy All the Time
3. Lovely Lord
4. Here’s My Heart
5. Change My Heart / Refiners Fire
6. Take My Life

Worship audio – Worship powerpoint

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