Microsoft ‘End of Life’ Discussions in the ICU

(Warning: Hypothetical Conversation only included)

So I had this end of life discussion with a Microsoft employee who’s father was extremely sick and was probably not going to make it. 
Me: Your dad is very sick and is on multiple life support medications and machines with continuous dialysis. He has multiple cannulae infusing medications and more tubes monitoring his vital signs. He appears to be unresponsive to everything. 
Him: Doc, have you tried disconnecting and pulling out all the tubes, cannula, wires and monitors, turning everything off for 10 seconds, putting them all together again and then powering everything back on. 
Me: That would result in a hard reset of his life. 
Him: And what exactly is that Doc?
Me: All data and malfunctions will be wiped off and he will be restored back to factory specifications with basic software only. 
Him: …and….
Me: If you believe in reincarnation, it means that your dad will die and will be reborn as a newborn baby somewhere else. If reincarnation is not true then we cannot recover any data. We may be able to use some internal parts on another entity as an organ transplant.

I think he understood how sick his dad was that day.

Note: This is very definitely a hypothetical situation and no such event has ever happened. I apparently need to put in a note to this effect to avoid getting sued by Microsoft or penalized by the MCI/NMC

Author: Benji

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