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To cut to the chase, I had built the worship set today around the song “Tremble”. I had the usual hurdles before I reached church – stringing together the medley was not easy, only Surina was available to help and the weather was rainy and gloomy. I thought that the worship session would be the calm through all this. I wasn’t prepared for the tremors that shook me before the beginning of the service. I first discovered that the key to the mixer was not available – but that was an easy fix and Neelavenan Annan found it for us. As JJ and I set up the mixer and microphones we hit the next major hurdle. With just twenty minutes to go, the laptop refused to boot and was stuck at the first screen.

I desperately texted the church requesting someone to bring a laptop, but most had already left. The church laptop was not in the office and the new laptop ordered for the worship team was still not set up. We didn’t have a working HDMI-VGA adapter for my laptop – the one in church was broken. Things were shaky but not hopeless – Ravish said he’d bring a HDMI-VGA adapter and Sharon/Faith said they would bring their laptop and try to reach on time. Would that be good enough and quick enough?

After multiple attempts, we decided that those keys marked F1-F12 could help us. They didn’t when we tried. After a desperate prayer we zeroed in on F12 again. As we kept it pressed, the key slowly coaxed the laptop to go into some boot menu and we did a one-time boot. Bingo! After a little whirring and some frowns, the old Dell laptop booted, albeit reluctantly. We managed to practice the main medley and then the Church service started. The darkness (frozen boot-up screen) literally trembled and gave way to prayer and I really needed God to calm the raging sea inside of me as we seemed so rushed when the service started. Arpudh smoothened out the mixer and we felt Gods solid presence lead us through the time of worship.

I’ll leave you with a few thoughts I have shared on our Church website and add the worship audio to this diary. Hope it blesses you.

The Bible is filled with references to trembling, shaking and shuddering. Raging sea and troubled waters are all calmed by the immensely powerful name of Jesus. Mighty mountains will tremble before the Lord. Demons shudder at the mention of His name.The same power is seen when he calms the raging storms in our hearts if we give our hearts to Him and stand on the solid rock of Christ. Just a word from Him can bring peace and still to our lives. 
Song List
You shall go out with joy
God is good, we sing and shout it
My hope is built
Here’s my heart
Jesus, name above all names
Still (When the oceans rise)

Author: Benji

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