Fretting and strung up about a cracked bridge

Is this the beginning of the end. My Pluto guitar is about 12 years old and has been the main guitar I have used in my life. You can read the short story of how I got the guitar here.

When we were returning from Australia in 2014, it got damaged in transit – Malaysian Airlines refused to let me carry it on board and asked me to check it in. I had to sign a waiver and that was it. It still sounded great even after this damage – there were cracks on the body in front and probably one of the support beams inside. I’ve used it immensely till now. It continued to sound good, but recently the bridge has started cracking where the saddle sits. This will eventually kill the bridge. Presently, a trained ear will easily pick up on the fact that the tuning is not perfect. Add to that a cracked beam on the inside and probably a slightly warped fretboard.

I’ll still use it as it sounds good enough and a new guitar will cost a bomb. I’ll take a while to get used to anything new. But the hunt has started – reluctantly. This looks like the beginning of the end for my Pluto guitar.

What do you reckon – should I repair the bridge, get a new bridge or just get a new guitar. Let me know!

Author: Benji

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