Six strings!

At 4 PM there we were – on the car clutching our own six-string: a Pluto Hardwood acoustic guitar that Appa and Amma had presented to us for our Anniversary. Its an amazing story.
We’d decided to buy a guitar this weekend when we were in Chennai. As soon as we reached home Appa and Amma presented us a huge card and in it was some money – “Buy what you want” It took us 3 seconds to decide to buy a guitar. At the store we bought a guitar that cost almost twice as much – Becky and I thought we’d pitch in the extra cash! But Appa refused and paid the full cost! It was worth every rupee spent – the guitar sound was magical (even when I played it!!)
This is my first own guitar and I am thrilled! I hope I get to play it in church and a lot of places! Watch out for my guitar solos on YouTube coming soon!!
Thank you Appa and Amma!!!!

Author: Benji

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