Seven Christmas song performances that rocked my socks off

Here’s a list of 7 performances of Christmas songs that get me totally in the Christmas mood every December. I’m just talking about performances/videos and not necessarily the meaning, lyrics and music.

1. Hallelujah Christmas by Kaylee Rogers and the Killard School choir.

This is my favorite for 2019. The original Hallelujah was written in 1984 and was not a religious song, although it addressed this philosophically. Cloverton rewrote the song a few years ago integrating the Christmas story into the lyrics and this is my favorite song for the year! There are multiple renditions of the Hallelujah Christmas. One standout is this version sung by a child – Kaylee Rogers and her school choir of special children. Kaylee herself has autism and attention deficit and this rendition video is very beautiful.

2. Little Drummer Boy by For King and Country

This version of the song is pure dynamite and energy. Joel and Luke and their band set the stage on fire with this blast of a rendition that will get your heart pumping!

3. Angels we have Heard on High by the PianoGuys

This is interesting. One piano and 4 guys! On top of being a great musical performance, the video itself is well shot and interesting. Definitely worth watching many times during the Christmas season

4. Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

This is the Canon Rock music with a twist to which children sing in beautiful parts. The music is toned down a lot from the original rock rendition and sounds like a power ballad. The beautiful way the parts of the song fall in together has made it a Christmas favorite for many years now.

The original Christmas Canon Rock is this one

5. Jingle Bell Duel by United States Navy Band

Not my favorite song, but the duel between a guitar and a banjo is quite interesting. Ultimately Star Wars is the winner. Can’t figure it out? Watch it yourself!

6. Little Drummer Boy by Gentri

This is the first time I’ve listened to the band. This hospital themed video is a lively and very touching rendition of the popular Carol. The music and parts are terrific and it brings out the spirit of giving during Christmas.

7. Carol of the Bells by Joyful6

A group of 6 children from India rock this song out as they go one up on the Pentatonix version! Very inspiring and cute!

So that’s my list at the beginning of the Christmas season. God bless and let the music inspire you to explore he true meaning of this holiday season!

Author: Benji

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