It’s called many things – The Message, The Sermon, Sharing God’s Word, Preaching, etc. I was asked to do this during the Sunday School Christmas program. After coming up with many excuses, the ultimate excuse came when I started developing a painful mouth ulcer on the lateral margin a week before the due date. Having dealt with bad throats and coughs on the weeks I lead worship (which always miraculously stopped on Sunday) I accepted Gladwins challenge and God promise of healing and plunged into preparing a message. It was difficulter than I expected to get the flow, even after the thoughts and topic were finalised. Since the children were using a Superhero theme on most of their programs, I decided to piggy back on that theme. I struggled to give shape and continuity to the thoughts that God laid on my heart and was amazed at how God pieced so many things together late into the silence of the night before the program. Anyway, the nervousness peaked till the moment I grabbed the microphone. I felt the nervousness melt away at that point and then God held it all together and I managed to hold the kids attention (and probably the adults too) for 20 minutes. Titled “How to meet THE SUPEREST HERO”, we went through 5 words as we answered 5 questions.

1. Who is the Superhero?


2. When will you get the chance to meet the SUPEREST HERO?


3. What do you have to do to meet the SUPEREST HERO?


4. What do you when you meet the SUPEREST HERO?


5. What do you do after meeting the SUPEREST HERO?


We ended by connecting the manger to the cross and then putting it all together by prayerfully singing “Hallelujah Christmas”

Here is the sermon and song videos. You can make out a bit of my nervousness and fumbling, but I hope you find it a blessing!

Author: Benji

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