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It’s called many things – The Message, The Sermon, Sharing God’s Word, Preaching, etc. I was asked to do this during the Sunday School Christmas program. After coming up with many excuses, the ultimate excuse came when I started developing a painful mouth ulcer on the lateral margin a week before the due date. Having dealt with bad throats and coughs on the weeks I lead worship (which always miraculously stopped on Sunday) I accepted Gladwins challenge and God promise of healing and plunged into preparing a message. It was difficulter than I expected to get the flow, even after the thoughts and topic were finalised. Since the children were using a Superhero theme on most of their programs, I…

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The Cup

To the pessimist the cup is always half empty. To the optimist the cup is always half full. To the Psalmist the cup is always overflowing To the pessimist the cup is always half empty. To the optimist the cup is always half full. To the Psalmist the cup is always overflowing. #psalm #christianquotes #addicted2jesus #a2j #quotes — Benji (@a2jesus) October 9, 2019

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The winds and the waves

Although I was on duty on Jan 1st we managed to go to church in the morning. The speaker was Freddy Joseph (I’ve already blogged about him a couple of times).For the sermon he had chosen the story of Jesus calming the storm while his disciples were in the ship.One of the highlights of his message was his thoughts on this verseThe men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”He said, ” You can see the waves but cannot see the wind. Both of these obeyed Jesus – Jesus had control over both these elements. Similarly in our lives Jesus has control over the seen and unseen problems in…

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A tough life

If you believe in something strongly and stand for it come-what-may it’ a fact that life wont be easy for you. You gotta be ready to stare death in the face – stare at humiliation, opposition, resistance and mockery eyeball to eyeball. I wonder if I have the strength and the guts and the courage to do that for something I believe in. Will my faith stand strong – or will it break like a dry twig? If I wanna make a difference….. I gotta be more strong…. till the end.This is how the apostles stood….. till their ends!Matthew Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, killed by a sword wound. Mark Died in Alexandria, Egypt, after being dragged by horses through the…

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We finally had our Home Fellowship (aka ‘The Pitstop’) today. I decided to talk about the topic ‘barriers’ and built it around a musical skit I saw on YouTube. Here’s the story: A few days ago one of my friends Jebahar on Orkut had added a video on his profile. At the end of the video, a usual, YouTube showed related videos and a link to a video entitled “Everything by Lifehouse – a skit”. Curious, I opened it and waited patiently till it opened completely. The next 6 minutes blew my mind away and almost brought tears to my eyes. The skit with its simple message so powerfully portrayed touched me so much that I decided to use it…

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The Bell

I received this forwarded email from my dad and found it really cute, awesome and meaningful.This is an awesome e-mail…..someone took a lot of time setting up this message, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did…Here’s the link:The Bell: Keep this bell ringing…pass it on

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