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A Godly punchline!

Sometimes the most awesome truths just blurt out of my mouth and I wonder where it came from. Divine intervention!!We were at a family get-together. As we were still the newly married couple (self proclaimed!) B and me were the center of attention. A rather tricky question was thrown at me: “So Jeyanth, when it all started, who made the choice first? Did you choose B or did B choose you?”.The answer came out in 0.00026 seconds!“Actually…. God chose us first!“Blink of an eye and an awesome truth dawned on everyone.Such words of wisdom inspire me to write a new book on Christian Punchlines! Wish me all the best!!

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Incredibly ambitious, Incredibly spacious and Incredibly ‘God’ious

(Warning: Incredibly long blog entry coming up!)It all started off as an inkling of a thought all the way at the back of our heads when my dad lent his Maruti800 to us for 3 months. I discovered that I could actually drive it. Soon the luxury of 4 wheels sank in and 2 wheels (aka my Kinetic Honda) started gathering dust and risked becoming obsolete. Could we actually buy a new car? The research and calculations started. Unfortunately car companies seem to be producing more new cars everyday! We started off with a Santro in mind and naturally the i10 appealed more – almost clinched it for us once the i10 kappa range rolled out. Er… how about the…

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Everlasting God

After weeks of postponing and very little practice Becky and I gave a special song at church today – “Everlasting God” (originally by Brenton Brown).The song was special to the two of us as it was the first song we had ever sung together. You can see me blog about that by clicking hereThe song was a blessing to the congregation and it also encouraged Becky and Me to take more active part in church and ministry – something we have not been doing very well!Click here if you would like to see Brenton Brown talk about what inspired him to write the song “Everlasting God” and teach you how to play the song on the guitar. Hope you are…

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1000 kilometers, 1 week, 2 cancelled tickets

That how much distance Becky covered. And 640 of those kilometers were done in 24 hours – to Chennai and back! The 6 days without her saw me missing her like crazy, but neatly packed cooked food in the refrigerator and constant phonecalls ensures my body, mind and soul never went hungry. Once again we were grateful to God for protectionon the roads and the rails (especially after the series of bomb-blasts in ahmedabad etc). Luckily I am not on duty this weekend and we can catch up on the rest we both need.

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… and God created woman!

I received this little snippet today and felt it was blogworthy.“The woman came out of a man’s rib – not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal, under his arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.”… and guess who I was thinking of when I read the last bit!

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Stranded …. almost

Trichy – Karur – Namakkal – Dharamapuri – Krishnagiri – Salem – Hosur – Bangalore . 8 hours. An air-conditioned KPN volvo busThat was the combination and everything seemed set for a great weekend at Bangalore with my cousins and their 2 children. The hissing started at Krishnagiri (Don’t worry – this is not the Snakes on the Bus sequel to a famous movie!) and soon we were parked on the side of the road surrounded by trees and fields with the conductor underneath the bus and the driver on his mobile. After nearly an hour they decided that the bus was ride-worthy and we made it to Salem where they had a team ready to check out the huge…

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640 kilometers

A cricket match, 400 meter sprint, lime soda at FSM, 2 nights on the bus, 640 kilometers, a home-check, Ashraya, a ride to locate Mr. Ayyappan, a wedding reception, 2 hours through congested chennai roads, a mad rush to the bus stop (made miraculously easy in a luxury bus) and back to Trichy – that sums up the weekend. My age finally seems to be catching up – I have vague body pains and actually felt a little tired when I was at work today. A few hours of extra sleep in the afternoon and I was back in form, just waiting for Becky to join me tomorrow – that will spruce me up big time!Wonder how God gives humans…

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Impress your wife: Lessons 1 and 2

As the best husband in the world I will now run you through a crash course on how to impress your wife in 5 minutes! Follow these steps carefully!Lesson 1:1. Arrive home from work 15 minutes before your wife (The hardest part!)2. Boil some water, add the tea leaves, add some milk and sugar – i.e. make some tea (If you can’t do this step you’re in trouble dude!)3. Look at wedding gifts received and pick out the cute blue tea set with a cute tea pot and cute small cups (Duh…. didnt you get one on your wedding??!!)4. Set it up just in time to hear the doorbell ring.5. Give cute wife warm hug (she needs one after a…

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The yo-yo effect!

Yo guys… I did it again today…. twice!We were off to church and I quietly passed the turning we had to take – 100 metres before Becky brought it to my notice. U-turn and there was the turning… 10 meters behind me! I had overshot again. Two rights do not make a right – this is ample proof of that saying. Five minutes later we were in church…. just in time for a closing prayer!! Duh…. whats happening!! Luckily we learnt that it was the Youth meeting that was just getting over and that the Church service would start in five minutes!Now thats too many double-surprises to take in one evening! But then as expected we had a blessed time…

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Goofy day! Thats what today was. Can you imagine – 5 goof-ups in one day? Yup…. I did it. Luckily they were all minor and we ended up with a few laughs!1. As the official teamaker of the house I quickly went through the motions – heat the water, sprinkle in the tea leaves..filter…. blah…blah and 5 minutes later I was stirring the cups vigorously….. only to realise that I was supposed to be doing it to dissolve the sugar but never actually put in the sugar. Minor hiccup and a funny smile on Beckys face…. thats all.2. We decided to go out shopping and then to Joyce Auntys house. We got on the scooter and Becky went through a…

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