Goofy day! Thats what today was. Can you imagine – 5 goof-ups in one day? Yup…. I did it. Luckily they were all minor and we ended up with a few laughs!
1. As the official teamaker of the house I quickly went through the motions – heat the water, sprinkle in the tea leaves..filter…. blah…blah and 5 minutes later I was stirring the cups vigorously….. only to realise that I was supposed to be doing it to dissolve the sugar but never actually put in the sugar. Minor hiccup and a funny smile on Beckys face…. thats all.
2. We decided to go out shopping and then to Joyce Auntys house. We got on the scooter and Becky went through a quick check list before here eyes fell on my empty wrist – I’d forgotten my watch
3. I scooted up home and came back with my watch and Becky greeted me with a sheepish grin – she’d forgotten her wedding ring! Things were getting more exciting.
4. We reached Nakoda’s safely and bought a skirt and some baby clothes. I stood at the counter and once the billing was over gave the salesman my card to settle the bill – my PAN Card!! He politely returned it and asked for my Credit Card – left me red-faced but we were both laughing! Becky gave me the – “I’m not surprised” smile.
5. We had a great time at Joyce Aunty’s house and spent some time with Shirin and her 2 month old baby. We gave them the baby dress we bought and as we were on our way back at 10 PM I realised that we left the bill for the dress and the skirt – we needed to alter the skirt and the bill was essential to collect it back! A phone-call and a return trip saw the bill back in Beckys handbag.

All’s well that ends well – no major loss or incidents! I wonder if there is a Guiness Record for such things – I’ll need to apply for that one!

Author: Benji

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