Goodbye Valli

Valli’s baby has been with us for a month now. She is frail, premature, weighs about 1 kg and today we finally had to make the tough decision – she wouldn’t make it. The parents have been very, very caring and even today they were hoping… but all of us knew that the baby wouldn’t make. She had showed great endurance and courage – ventilation, jaundice, apnea, sepsis, recurrent intestinal bleeds, a failing liver, oxygen dependancy, hypoglycemia, anemia…… the list is looooong…. but finally her frail body was giving up – she was just too premature and sick. the parents were out of money and we were out of medical ideas and options. They left sad but not disheartened – I was amazed at the amount of time, effort and money the parents had put in to try and save her.
Once again I couldnt help but realize that we were merely human and inspite of all medical treatment a lot of babies would not make it.
I actually dont understand why the baby, the family, the nurses and we went through this all only to come to this point. Its blurry, but I guess God still has a plan in all this…… and one day it will be crystal clear to me

Author: Benji

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