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The Coffee Journey

My deviation from the instant coffee route started when I accidentally bought filter coffee powder instead of instant coffee powder during the final stages of my bachelorhood in Trichy. I was forced to buy a South Indian filter and tried putting everything everywhere to brew some coffee – I drank whatever theĀ  random positioning of the 3 parts of the filter, the coffee powder and hot water produced. All that changed when I surprised myself with a Breville coffee machine with a grinder for our 5th wedding anniversary. Suddenly pressing buttons produced the weirdest sounds and the nicest coffee. Pouring out the frothed milk was an art and soon I realised why I was never destined to be an artist….

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Impress your wife: Lessons 1 and 2

As the best husband in the world I will now run you through a crash course on how to impress your wife in 5 minutes! Follow these steps carefully!Lesson 1:1. Arrive home from work 15 minutes before your wife (The hardest part!)2. Boil some water, add the tea leaves, add some milk and sugar – i.e. make some tea (If you can’t do this step you’re in trouble dude!)3. Look at wedding gifts received and pick out the cute blue tea set with a cute tea pot and cute small cups (Duh…. didnt you get one on your wedding??!!)4. Set it up just in time to hear the doorbell ring.5. Give cute wife warm hug (she needs one after a…

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The Eggs-pert

Well marriage improves many skills and brings out skills that you never knew existed. Making an omelette is no big deal – it has never been a big deal. But making it in style? After a little practice, I’ve decided that the best method to break and start making an omelette is doing in single-handed. Thats just me alone and breaking the egg with a single hand! Yup – I love it; holding the egg in one hand cracking it on the side of the pan and pouring it onto the pan in one fluid motion. Ooh what joy. Truely proves that in married life, I am the eggs-pert cook!! Now only if that expanded to more areas…… Enjoy the…

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Whazzat @ Trichy

Continuing the series on weird Trichy findings, let me introduce you to my Chicken Shop. Its called A-one chicken stall and is always bustling with people waiting to buy good chicken. So far so good! Now what I dont understand is what actually inspired these people to put this signboard outside the stall which says “FAT CHICKS chicken shop”. I find it a little out of place. Do they actually want to sound that way or do they genuinely want to refer only to the chicken!! Anyway – the customers dont seem to give two hoots about it and just grab their chicken and leave. And noone’s complaining as yet. So let sleeping dogs lie…..zzzzzzzzzz…..

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Uh – oh…. did I actually do that??!!

I love helping out with the cooking…. usually. My specialties include beverages, grating and … the chutney – a minced paste of coconut, onions, chilly, ginger and some greens. It was my task to do the honors tonight and I started off great – no looking at the recipe; just straight off the head cooking. After carefully grating the coconut (someday I’ll let ya all know how I break the coconut) I put the mixture in a bowl and switched on the mixie to blend them together. The mixie roared into life as I turned on the power and it seemed strangely smooth… yup…. very smooth – because there wasnt anything in the jar!! Yes – I’d forgotten to put…

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