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Nice birthday – parents and parents-in-law at home, buffet dinner yesterday, special cake, plenty of phonecalls, FB messages, orkut scraps, SMS… and then… lone pediatrician at the hospital, 50 patients in OPD, 5 kids with seizures, a twin delivery, acting anesthetist for an ortho procedure, on call, 2 kids post-op and 2 kids planned for surgery…. loving it! It can’t get more exciting, right!

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Class Captain

Just like the dozens of times before Harini came smiling and bubbly to OPD. This time however she was in her school uniform as she had come straight to the OPD after an exam. She made a little fuss as we took her to the treatment and winced as I poked her hand for the IV line. She sat and smiled as I slowly injected the medicine and then some saline to flush and she was ready to go back.It was then that I noticed the smart badge on her uniform which said Class Captain.Nothing very unusual – until you realise that Harini is being treated for Acute Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and today is her last injection. She was diagnosed…

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‘Making’ news – Swine Flu

As you know Swine Flu has been making headlines all over the world. The news channels and newspapers are going overboard as they try to use the little they know to increase their TRPs and come out on top.Today we had a taste of how blasphemously inaccurate and blatantly false even top newspapers are. We saw this article about a child called Tharika. you can click on the clipping enclosed to read the full articleVery emotional article! The only problem is that there is absolutely no truth at all. How do I know? Tharika is my patient and i am treating her (along with Praburam). Here are the facts:1. She was admitted with fever on the 11th and not the…

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Kevin shared this in church today. He narrated how he got admission to PSG College which initially seemed really difficult. part of the reason was the reservation for communities called BC (Backward Community), FC (Forward Community), OC (Other Community) and so on.To cut the story short, beyond his expectations he got into college!He ended testimony saying this:“OC, BC, FC… whatever…. I belong to JC (Jesus Christ)!”Woah! i finally got a partner for my Christian Punchline book!!

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Message in a Tshirt

These local Tshirt companies don;t have any idea what they are printing! Most of the time the children I see in OPD have some gibberish written on their Tshirt – half of it unreadable or making no sense at all with lots of typos etc.I was surprised when this 3 year old child landed up in OPD with this Tshirt advising safe driving tips! I don’t think he had any idea what it said and probably could never drive a truck – but hey! It’s never too young to spread the message!Click on the image for a larger view, but if you still can’t read it here’s what it says:“I will drive a maxi truck.Stop.Drive Slowly.Look Signal.Be Careful.Blow Horn.”I can’t…

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A musical treat

One of the things I miss in Trichy is good music. Very rarely do we have bands or music programs happening here. A few days ago I bumped into Paul (I rarely meet him) and on casual inquiry found that a youth (teenagers) music program was scheduled on May 31st at St Johns Church in the morning service.My parents were here this weekend and we went to church and were treated to wholesome Christian music. There were about 10 songs and the girls who sang were amazing. Their vocals blended in unison and the parts were phenomenal. Wish I had recorded the audio to share with you all! I can leave you with just a picture but even that does…

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Grace – followed up

I’ve written a brief intro to Grace and her baby here on A2J before.Today the baby is 9 months old and the transformation is almost unbelievable. I’m enclosing a picture to show you the difference. Its amazing the way the baby has grown and is now bubbly and quite naughty – weighing about 8 kg now (quite a change from the 800 grams at birth!). Don’t miss out the happy family in the foreground and my colorful OPD in the background in this pic.

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Magic is…

Today we just dropped into a small exhibition and lazed around the stalls. It also had plenty of games and there was a Magic Show in one corner. The show was brilliant – about 20 minutes of eye-candy that left you baffled. The magician had just a rickety stage and curtains and a squeaky music system but pulled off the tricks really well. And to top it all the entrance fee was just 10 rupees (25 cents!!).I was also impressed with what he said at the start of the show.“Magic is an art – like cinema, music and painting. Its not a mantra”.Mantra is an Indian word which denotes a supernatural occurrence. Even in modern society people believe in ‘Godmen’…

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Air, chyle… and hope?

K had a nightmare of a time. She came to our hospital with an undiagnosed fever and during her stay delivered a preterm baby. K had to be shifted to CMC to sort out her fever and the baby struggled to survive in our nursery. She had mild HMD and needed CPAP (oxygen under pressure). Just when her tiny lungs seemed to have recovered she blew a pneumothorax – a hole in her lungs that caused air to leak into her chest. I quickly put in a chest tube and luckily she improved. A few days later the tube was removed and she was started on nasogastric feeds. All seemed well till one day I noticed she seemed to be…

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The threat

We treat patients who have all kinds of backgrounds. Today we admitted a boy with suspected Dengue fever who was a little sick. He needed a few blood transfusions and a lot of monitoring. His father was a political worker from the Municipality office and wanted a guarantee that the treatment would be successful. Unfortunately I could only tell him the truth – that there was a possible danger to life. He didn’t seem happy about it. Out of the blue i found that he was a close friend to G annan and this made him feel better as G annan knows us well. While the father was convinced some of his friends were unfortunately goondas and they were overheard…

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