The threat

We treat patients who have all kinds of backgrounds. Today we admitted a boy with suspected Dengue fever who was a little sick. He needed a few blood transfusions and a lot of monitoring. His father was a political worker from the Municipality office and wanted a guarantee that the treatment would be successful. Unfortunately I could only tell him the truth – that there was a possible danger to life. He didn’t seem happy about it. Out of the blue i found that he was a close friend to G annan and this made him feel better as G annan knows us well. While the father was convinced some of his friends were unfortunately goondas and they were overheard saying “If anything happens to the boy we will beat up the doctors and break the hospital.” This scared the nurses. I straightaway called the father and told his straight in the face that we were not scared of him or his ‘friends’ as we were confident of how to treat the boy and threats would only scare the nurses and interfere with the treatment. The father apologised profusely and said that none of his ‘friends’ would come near the hospital and that what they spoke was their personal opinion and he was happy with the treatment. G annan too spoke to the father and things were peaceful. The boy recovered completely in a few days and went home completely healthy.
These days, as doctors, we face threats from unexpected quarters and need Gods special protection, wisdom and guidance.
Please do pray for this boy – his mother died a couple of years ago and he is being brought up by his Aunt. As his dad and friends are probably not the best role models, he could easily fall prey to the wrong things in life. He too needs Gods protection, wisdom and guidance!

Author: Benji

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