Class Captain

Just like the dozens of times before Harini came smiling and bubbly to OPD. This time however she was in her school uniform as she had come straight to the OPD after an exam. She made a little fuss as we took her to the treatment and winced as I poked her hand for the IV line. She sat and smiled as I slowly injected the medicine and then some saline to flush and she was ready to go back.
It was then that I noticed the smart badge on her uniform which said Class Captain.
Nothing very unusual – until you realise that Harini is being treated for Acute Leukemia (Blood Cancer) and today is her last injection. She was diagnosed at CMC 2 years ago and after the initial treatment was referred to us for continuing her chemotherapy injections. She has survived the leukemia, febrile neutropenia, baldness, anaphylaxis, chicken pox and thrombocytopenia in the last 2 years. Her family was thrilled that hopefully today would be the last ever injection she has!
I really admire the support she has received from her parents and school and the resilience and courage she herself has shown.
The Class Captain badge means a lot to her, her parents and to me!
They often tell me to continue to pray for her and I hope that you too will say a word of prayer as you read this blog.
And in case you ever doubted it – CANCER IS CURABLE!

Author: Benji

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