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We finally had our Home Fellowship (aka ‘The Pitstop’) today. I decided to talk about the topic ‘barriers’ and built it around a musical skit I saw on YouTube. Here’s the story: A few days ago one of my friends Jebahar on Orkut had added a video on his profile. At the end of the video, a usual, YouTube showed related videos and a link to a video entitled “Everything by Lifehouse – a skit”. Curious, I opened it and waited patiently till it opened completely. The next 6 minutes blew my mind away and almost brought tears to my eyes. The skit with its simple message so powerfully portrayed touched me so much that I decided to use it…

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The “Guessing” Game

We went hunting for game today – yup through the streets of Trichy and we were hoping for a prize catch to satisfy our appetite!Now don’t get us wrong – the appetite was for an intelligent board game!Our appetite for a game stemmed from playing CatchPhrase, Cranium with Sheba & Jitto and also hearing about a word guessing game called Taboo!We’d already checked out “Odyssey” and “FSM” and today decided to drop into a sports store to see what they had. They had a pretty impressive collection. We patiently scoured through what they showed us before Beckys sharp eyes spotted the game we finally bought. It was called Guessing and I guess its the Indian version of Taboo. The cost…

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My Valentine – season two

Season one last year was 300 km apart, engaged and held together by ebay, courier and furns ‘n petals!Season two saw us in the same house, married and no space to plan a surprise.But to cut a sweet story short – I managed to sneak in some surprises although the rose, cushion and chocolates spent a lonely light out int the cold in my bike!!I also managed to get in some sausages for lunch – made it myself (followed the instructions which said heat for 3-5 minutes in oil!!)Here’s a pic!

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Church Dedication

Very busy night, sick babies, minimal sleep, multiple phonecalls, rounds to do in the morning, on call, a call at 8AM – a great menu to bunk church this morning. Add to this the fact that todays service was at a new place further away and it was a longer special service expected to last more than 2 hours. I slumped back into bed at 8.30 AM groggy – the service was supposed to start at 9 AM! Then somehow Becky encouraged me and after a hurried breakfast I peeped into all the kids in the ward and we rode off in search of the new place where our church was gonna get relocated. We reached after the worship time….

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A food story

This is the sequence of events. Yesterday I went to the supermarket to get some regular stuff. I got everything except the Idli Maavu (for making breakfast the next day) which was not available. Becky had already made the Saambhar for the idli and for lunch last night (she normally makes it only in the morning or at lunchtime). As the maavu was not there we had bread for breakfast and so there was extra unused saambhar which we decided to use for dinner. Becky got really late at work today and we felt happy that the food had already been cooked so we could get to eat lunch straightaway!Now the miracle does not stop there!I got a call for…

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The cook!

Yes I did it!! I cooked lunch for the first time in my whole life!! Becky kinda dictated what I needed to do and soon there was rice, rasam and potato curry at the dining table and both of us were polishing off a seemingly delicious lunch!! Well so much for my first cooked meal. But I am no stranger to the kitchen.  I’ll leave you with a lic of my meal.(There was a major powercut and we took this shot with a mobile cam. Yup…. the whole thing tired me out!)

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Inbetween times

We’re at Coimbatore today for Josies wedding. The engagement was in the morning and the wedding in the evening. There was about 3 hours inbetween. This time meant different things for each of us.Becky– Get back to the hotel– Change– Wait for Ajju to pick her up– Go to the Beauty Parlor– Hair etc– Change Sari– Wait for car to drop her back at the hotel– Go for the wedding Athai– Help distribute snacks to some people staying at Vijay Paradise Hotel– Decorate the wedding car– Recheck everything with Josies mom– Get dropped back at the hotel– Dress up– Go for the wedding Becker, Mama and me– Get back to the hotel– Crash/Watch TV– Get dressed– Go for the wedding…

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Flowers for Becky

No – the flowers were not from me. Becky was the judge for the Nursing Students Flower Arrangement contest held today. I dont know why she was chosen as a judge and not me (On second thoughts maybe I DO know). The students had made flowers artificially by hand – not just the arrangement but each flower!! It was a great show of artistry and talent and Becky enjoyed the judging – especially being treated like royalty as she was the Chief Guest etc etc. Fortunately she did not receive any threats after the decision and prizes and we had a safe trip home (a 48 second ride on my Kinetic Honda).Here’s a pic of one of the smaller things…

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A day of Many

Sorry for the bland title – but I couldnt think of anything interesting.1. The day started off with Sruthika – a cute 1 year old girl who was admitted with a severe pneumonia and needed 10 days of expensive antibiotics before she was fit for discharge today. She’s back to her bubbly self today and when I saw her today – there she was with a very macho looking mustache drawn by some nurse. She seemed to be enjoying it and I’m glad she got better. Here’s a pic2. Badminton: Yesterday all of us (Arun, Catherine, Praburam, Rajendran, Becky and I) went crazy and played badminton till it was too dark to see and we decided to make our own…

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Finally we boarded the Indian Airlines flight at Jaipur and bid adieu to all the palaces, forts, architecture and the camels in Jaipur. It was quite a trip and we really enjoyed it. Thank God for safety, fun, excitement, timings, adventure and fellowship. Its a looooong story and you can see the pics in my Rajasthan album to get a whiff of all that happened in Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

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