The “Guessing” Game

We went hunting for game today – yup through the streets of Trichy and we were hoping for a prize catch to satisfy our appetite!
Now don’t get us wrong – the appetite was for an intelligent board game!
Our appetite for a game stemmed from playing CatchPhrase, Cranium with Sheba & Jitto and also hearing about a word guessing game called Taboo!
We’d already checked out “Odyssey” and “FSM” and today decided to drop into a sports store to see what they had. They had a pretty impressive collection. We patiently scoured through what they showed us before Beckys sharp eyes spotted the game we finally bought. It was called Guessing and I guess its the Indian version of Taboo. The cost was under 5$ (Rs.220) and we’re pretty sure this is what we wanted!!
Now to wait for someone to play it with… he … he …. heee! D’you wanna drop in for a cup of tea and play with us? You’re welcome!

Author: Benji

1 thought on “The “Guessing” Game

  1. Jeyanth,
    We love this game! We play it with our friends here in Atlanta and it is amazing to see that we have to guess words like “idli”! Thanks for sharing this with us….we always end up laughing like crazy!

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