The yo-yo effect!

Yo guys… I did it again today…. twice!
We were off to church and I quietly passed the turning we had to take – 100 metres before Becky brought it to my notice. U-turn and there was the turning… 10 meters behind me! I had overshot again. Two rights do not make a right – this is ample proof of that saying. Five minutes later we were in church…. just in time for a closing prayer!! Duh…. whats happening!! Luckily we learnt that it was the Youth meeting that was just getting over and that the Church service would start in five minutes!
Now thats too many double-surprises to take in one evening! But then as expected we had a blessed time at church and that more than made up for these nasty surprises!

Author: Benji

1 thought on “The yo-yo effect!

  1. Atleast u got to church in time

    I sometimes reach just in time to respond with an “Amen”! To the priest’s final prayer that is [:P]

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