Wilted….. Revived

I have a small balcony garden that has made it to my blog on a couple of occasions. Summers in Vellore are harsh and the plants don’t like it since the sn sun shines directly on this side of the building through most of the day. I usually water the plants in the morning before I go to work. However, there are days when I can’t and by evening a couple of them start to wilt and droop.

What surprises me is how they revive soon after I water them in the evening! I tried a time-lapse video over an hour or so and you can see how they perk up:

Now there are some downsides. By allowing it to wilt, I usually end up losing a little bit of the plant – a few leaves can never revive. Also if this happens too many times or if I skip a couple of days, I end up losing the whole plant. Well, this is something that I need to think of when I try to keep my life green and rich with Christ. Regular watering is needed and if I don’t do that I may need a revival of sorts!

Author: Benji

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