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Wilted….. Revived

I have a small balcony garden that has made it to my blog on a couple of occasions. Summers in Vellore are harsh and the plants don’t like it since the sn sun shines directly on this side of the … Continue reading

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The moon

Today we gazed at the full moon. The moon is just a roundish piece of old rock floating in space, relatively close to the earth. As it lazily revolves around our planet it reflects the light from the much more … Continue reading

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I had to wake up super early this morning to work on a deadline and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Vellore comes across as a dry, crowded, dusty place and moments like these are a precious reminder that beauty … Continue reading

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Goodbye Pluto?

I’m not much of an astronomer. In fact I’m quite knowledgeless when it comes to anything beyond planet earth. Guess I’ve forgotten all the Physics I learnt in school. But recent debates about whether or not Pluto is a planet … Continue reading

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