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Wilted….. Revived

I have a small balcony garden that has made it to my blog on a couple of occasions. Summers in Vellore are harsh and the plants don’t like it since the sn sun shines directly on this side of the building through most of the day. I usually water the plants in the morning before I go to work. However, there are days when I can’t and by evening a couple of them start to wilt and droop. What surprises me is how they revive soon after I water them in the evening! I tried a time-lapse video over an hour or so and you can see how they perk up: Now there are some downsides. By allowing it to…

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The moon

Today we gazed at the full moon. The moon is just a roundish piece of old rock floating in space, relatively close to the earth. As it lazily revolves around our planet it reflects the light from the much more impressive ball of fire we call the sun. The little bumps and ditches it has on its surface cause the reflected light to showcase it’s presence in various shades of grey, black and white – probably the most boring ‘colors’ you can imagine. But that beauty has inspired everything from nursery rhymes to romantic songs to horror movies. So the next time you feel shapeless, lifeless, dark and lumpy just reflect the light of God and find yourself transformed. Inspire…

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I had to wake up super early this morning to work on a deadline and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Vellore comes across as a dry, crowded, dusty place and moments like these are a precious reminder that beauty is there – you just have to look for it!

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Goodbye Pluto?

I’m not much of an astronomer. In fact I’m quite knowledgeless when it comes to anything beyond planet earth. Guess I’ve forgotten all the Physics I learnt in school. But recent debates about whether or not Pluto is a planet caught my attention. Ok, even now I can rattle off the nine planets in a row in one breath. And now I may have to remove that list etched in my permanent memory cells and relearn a different set it seems. It doesnt seem to be a new debate though. I picked up these links from 1999 about Pluto: 1. Is Pluto A Planet? Copyright 1998, John A. Stansberry 2. Ask an Astrophycisist (or however you spell that word!) I…

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