Unconditional Love

I participate in a few forums for discussing anything I want to and responding to queries that I can contribute to. I once posed this question on a forum:
How did it feel when you held your first child after he/she was born?
This answer touched me. I dont know this person at all but I hope she also understands Gods unconditional love through her experience.
My first pregnancy was a nightmare of doctors telling me that my baby would be deformed, mentally inadequate, etc. etc. One specialist tried to convince me to give up the child at birth as the challenge of raising it would be costly emotionally and financially and there was no guarantee that it would live very long anyway. So the day of delivery was a nightmare of fear and pain and more fear. I had a c-section and was awake through the whole thing. I remember not being able to move, but I was awake. When the baby was removed from me I literally held my breath waiting for the*verdict*. After what seemed like eons, one of the nurses put a small bundle on my right breast with the baby’s head on my shoulder, face to mine. It took quite an effort of will, but I was able to turn my head just enough to look into my baby’s eyes. There was such light there, such peace and intelligence that I literally felt the earth stop and within a heartbeat, begin moving again. I will never forget it. I knew in that instant that my baby was fine. The nurse told me that he had all his limbs, fingers and toes and appeared normal in every way. That child has grown strong and fine and is an honour student. Holding him for the first time was a gift from God and a vindication of the power of faith and love. I wish you less heartache than I had pitstop and can only tell you that when you hold your own child for the first time, you will finally understand the meaning of unconditional love and it will change your life and light up your soul.

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