Kumarakom cruise

Vacation time!! Finally Becky and I were on the train to Kottayam and were picked up at the station by a cab and late in the morning we reached Kumarakom – the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. What followed was an amazing mixture of luxury, a feeling of royalty, merging one with nature and hours of just ogling at nature.
Imagine 28 cottages spread over 17 acres of garden, canals and bridges. And then imagine – we were the only people there. We were treated like royalty! The cottages were quaint, the gardens lush green (in the middle of summer!) and the pool inviting. We felt like a King and a Queen with people to serve us food of our choice, clean up the room and help us!
Besides the relaxing time the highlight of our trip was discovering the beauty of Gods creation – water, clouds, the sunset, lakes, fish, greenery and twilight opened our eyes! Its so weird – we seem so busy to notice these and it took a vacation to truly discover God beauty.
The 20 hours we spent on a houseboat cruising through the backwaters was a very different experience!

Author: Benji

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