60 to 120 in 24 hours!

We’d just reached Chennai after the long drive from Trichy and just as we were cleaning up and taking some rest it started. My dad’s tummy suddenly did a flip and he literally collapsed vomiting recurrently probably due to food poisoning. He could not even take any tablets or a sip of water and within an hour his blood pressure crashed to 60 systolic. My father-in-law and I decided to treat him at home and within a few minutes set up an IV line and rushed in some IV fluids and gave him some injections while the others rigged up a make-shift IV stand, etc. The BP improved to 100 systolic and after several hours the vomiting subsided after which my dad dozed off at around 3 AM. By morning he felt better and could drink fluids and even started eating
We had to leave for church and also to visit relatives while my dad decided to just rest at home. Fortunately he did not have any more problems and was literally itching for us to come back home to remove his IV line! By nightfall he was perfectly OK and seemed to be having a ravishing appetite! His BP was back to normal – 120 systolic. Yup – we gave him injections, IV fluids, medicines, etc – but I’ve rarely seem someone who vomited 10 times in an hour sitting and joking within 24 hours!

Author: Benji

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