The drag

I actually noticed it on the Chennai trip, but it started becoming more obvious now even inside the city. The car tended to drag to the left and I had to consciously keep the steering a little to the right to keep it straight. I rechecked tire pressures and they seemed OK. On New Year when we parked for lunch I realized that the front left tire showed some uneven wear and it dawned that the car probably had a serious problem. I checked with the GM guys and then left the car at the service center for a thorough check up. Within 24 hours the diagnosis was finalized – the front left suspension strut was stuck and damaged for good. Fortunately they said they would replace it free of charge under warranty. The tire was damaged and had to be replaced – also to be done free by GM. It took about a week but the car was brought back today spanking new and sparkling. It drove as straight as an arrow and steering was so much easier. Well, cars too do let some illnesses I guess.
I’m thankful that inspite of my severe lack of auto and car knowledge I could find out the problem and everything could be repaired free of cost!

Author: Benji

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  1. Jeyanth, this is Sandeep from SBOA. I couldn’t sleep last night and was looking for some chords to practice on the guitar and up came your brother’s MSU webpage with tons of chords on google. I thought I recognized the name Ross. Anyway found your blog and ended up reading most of it. How have you been? Congrats on your marriage. After reading your blog, feel like I haven’t missed years of your life. Thanks for some of the cool posts. I sent you an invite on Orkut. Would love to catch up sometime – Sandeep

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