The Rush

After witnessing the beautiful wedding and reception we had to make a mad rush to the Bus Stand straight from the wedding reception. The taxi reached late and we actually walked all the way to the main road to catch it. The 40 minute trip to the bus stop was crazy! I had to close my eyes and hold on tight as the taxi driver drove like mad. We reached in one piece and on time. Still sweating and white-knuckled, I boarded my bus amidst a noisy crowd of humanity. I was very lucky to get on a bus as all buses were full and the only reason I got a seat was because I had booked the ticket 3 days ago! I normally never book a ticket when i travel alone, but this time something (or maybe someONE) inspired me to book the ticket and that was the only reason I could actually get back to Trichy without a problem!
And if you’re wondering how bad the crowd was, here is a teaser – this dark video shows people trying to get onto another bus… while I was safely sitting inside ‘my’ bus!

Author: Benji

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