Every now and then someone pops a word at you that simply sticks in your head and makes you think. I’ve been thrown a lot of these words that I have added to my personalised dictionary.
The latest such word that I was introduced to was “GodSighting”. It was Jenni who brought up this word at the Bible study today and it simply stuck in my head!
GodSighting: Actively looking for God in our everyday life-happenings.
It’s amazing how much God does in our lives everyday and we simply seem to mis it! Actively looking for the little things that God does just makes us more in awe of Him. Something as ‘regular’ as a walk back from work or a cooking session could unearth the hand of God in amazing ways. Look for these actively. God does not always blurt out at your face. “Benji. It’s me that caused this to happen!” I feel humbled at the fact that He seems to prefer being anonymous for a lot of great stuff He does.
So open your eyes. Look for God in everything.
Be a GodSighter!!

Author: Benji

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