Train watching

J’s favorite activity after a busy Sunday school at church is train watching. The drive back from church takes us across a railway crossing and he must be the only person who gets upset if the gates are open and we make a quick crossing. He loves it if there is a delay and he gets to watch a couple of trains toot and zip across the crossing. Even though it can mean a 15 minute delay, we have grown to love this time.
I sometimes wonder if I tend to miss out on the simple pleasures of life by quickly zipping through life and not pausing to watch something as innocuous as a train thundering past. Sometimes those fifteen minutes seems like an eternity, but the look of joy on J’s face is priceless. I thought he would outgrow it, but we’ve been doing it for almost 2 years now.
I wish that amidst our gadgets, urge to reach somewhere quickly and our impatience to do something else we could be like a little child and simply enjoy the sight of a train chugging along. Let us not outgrow the simpler pleasures of life.

Author: Benji

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