Modern wonder

Today is one day when I am glad I was born in the modern era. I needed a couple of complicated dental extractions and my mind was numb with fear as images of people screaming, getting drowned in blood and needing to be tied down flooded my mind. But that was thousands of years ago.
The only thing that was numb was my mouth and gums. All I needed to do was lie down with my mouth open and brilliant Dr. Saurabh took care of the rest. A few deft jabs to get the local anaesthesia in and even though the extractions were pretty difficult with brittle teeth remnants and complicated roots I could close my eyes and be a little brave. A few winces, my skull vibrating to the frequency of what they called a burr, a little pressure as I felt some pulls and everything was done in under an hour.
A hundred years ago would have been a different story. I’m glad I am here in the now! 

Author: Benji

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