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I remember the days when Facebook would be filled with fun messages, daily snapshots, birthday wishes, actual personal updates etc. That was social media then. There was so much to love and so much excitement to brag about to the world. Yup! Those daily breakfast photos, those weekly baby bump pics, those frequent (supposedly) cute-baby photos, checking into every small nook & corner and that detailed post on how to be a perfect parent were annoyingly entertaining. There was so much to love and plenty of time to show the world what all you loved. Who cared if that muffin was a little burnt and the restaurant you checked into has a 2/5 rating? Who cared if your friends thought the filters were obvious and knew that you sucked in your tummy for that picture. It was annoying, it was rude….. but it was facebookworthy.
It feels different these days. There seems to be so much to hate and Facebook seems a place to vent that. Everything sucks – the local barber, the political bigwigs, the religious leaders, the laws, the common man, the bollywood star, the wannabe stand up comedian, the neighbour, the school curriculum, the weather change. There’s so much to hate and there’s too little time to spew all that anger. It’s scary to see politicians, religion, news anchors and opinions divide bonds that have strengthened through years. “Unfriend me if….” is a phrase that pops up on Facebook more than I thought it could.

The truth is, there is still so much to love. In fact there’s still so much to adore. There’s still a lot of awesomeness out there. This Christmas show the world that love still is alive and that’s why Christmas happens. “God so loved the world” at a time when hatred abounded 2000 years ago. Yet a story of love was written, a wall of peace was built and no judgement was made.
Let’s bring that back. I want those weekly baby bump pics. I want that filtered breakfast pic. I want that burnt muffin photo that your 8 year old baked. I want 100 angles of your Christmas Tree. I want you showing off your muddy bike on a dirty off-road. I want that ugly baby pic you think is cute. I want that yearly mother’s day post. I want that selfie on the beach you know will make me jealous. I want that awkward response because you disagreed with me. I want that everyday Good Morning post from the same boring website you love.
I want that pirated photoshop version of your Mr. Universe-Wannabe pose.
I want that freedom and joy to laugh over coffee next time we actually meet.

Yes, there is anger. There is definitely fear. Yes, they need to be expressed.
But let’s not neglect the things we love for the sake of the things that upset us.

Let the fire in you warm those around you and not burn you.

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