Life goes on……

Yup…. the title says it all….
With just about 10 days left before my grand finale and exams I trudge on with a confused study schedule and trying to pick up every scrap of knowledge that I can get! Unfortunately sleep, the internet, daydreaming, music, laziness seem to think otherwise and the ultimate amount of time spent studying seems frightfully less. Today I got a call from Dr. Jana requesting me to help out with the afternoon OPD and I gladly agreed. It felt good to see babies again, examine them, flip them over, auscultate them, make faces at them and then speak to their moms about them. Unfortunately, rules state that to pass exams you need to writes long answer sheets and reply to questions in the written form. The OPD gave me a welcome break and I caught up with Manish and the unit. Spent the evening and the night trying to read some endocrinology and scattered bits before I came back and updated the blog. The next few days are crucial – I need to accelerate and spend more time with the books. Hope it works better each day.

Author: Benji

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