A morale boosting start

I was pretty tense when I woke up this morning. The preclinical subjects which would be covered in today’s exams were subjects taught about 10 years ago. I’d tried recramming a lot of those in the last few days.
Took an autorickshaw to Bagayam where the exams were held and made a nervous entry into the exam hall.
The first 40 minutes were multiple choice questions and they were a little tough. But I went through it peacefully.
The next set of questions were then given to me and voila…. I couldnt help smiling. At least 2 questions I had hoped would come were staring me in the face. The rest of the questions were a mixture of stuff I’d read, I could figure out or at least write 2 pages about!
My handwriting was unfortunately as bad as ever. I left the hall pretty relieved.
God’s answers are wiser than our prayers. Period!

Author: Benji

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