34 hours to zero hour

The seconds tick past and every hour means less time to cram / daydream / vent / get psyched out by the exams. Time is zipping by at 3600 secs per hour while knowledge crawls at one page per hour. And in 34 hours more the cramming will turn to vigorous writing, scrawling, drawing and underlining as I try to prove my worthiness of an MD degree. Heck… why cant the hours and hours I spent in the wards with the babies simply be enough to convince these dudes about my ability!
Guess not… so exams it will be…
34 hours – 18 hours of sleep plus 3 hours of eating/coffee, 3 hours of daydreaming/empty thoughts, 4 hours of wwwebbing (uh!). That’s just 4 hours to hit the books. Duh… did I calculate wrong. 4 hours for all of pharmacology, pathology, a lot of microbiology, physiology, bits of anatomy…. lol…. maybe I should just sleep the whole 34 hours. And top it with a weekend of Nelson, Vimlesh Seth, Scott’s PediaTRICKS, etc etc…. oops… did I miscalculate. Man… drop the calculations and just get on with life.
Will end this messed up entry on a better note with 2 SMSes that Gladwin sent me:
At 1550 hours- God is ready to meet our need, not our greed. He always gives us what we deserve, not what we desire. Good evening.
At 2215 hours: He used the clay to create human beings. He used a rod to divide the red sea. He used a pebble to bring down a giant. He used acrow to feed a prophet. He used 5 bread and 2 fish to feed 5 thousand men. He used 2 wooden blocks and 3 nails to give meaning to the life of entire mankind. Think of the great things the Lord can do in your life. Hz studies going. G N
Guess the SMS make more sense than my thoughts.
Stay tight for more updates!

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